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Bong Cleaning

Essential Bong cleaning tools, we have everything from Pipe cleaners and bong brushes, We also carry Dr Bongs Bong Cleaning solution for real gacked up affairs!!

Restore any old bong to new condition with a little love and effort!

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Angelo Pipe Cleaners Angelo Pipe Cleaners

These classic pipe cleaners are perfect for cleaning all manner of different pipes; they cost £0.0344 each (packs of 100) and come in an array of pretty colours. If you absolutely positively have to clean every pipe in the room…accept no substitute…...
Dr Green Bong & Pipe Cleaner Dr Green Bong & Pipe Cleaner

Cleanliness is next to godliness. So they say. Which means when you get this and use it to spruce up your bongs, you will be as close as you will probably ever get to being Thor....
Bong Brush-30cm Bong Brush-30cm

What more can be said about this simple yet incredibly useful product? It will increase the lifespan of your lovely bongs, it costs less than the brand new bong you would have to get replace your ‘too-dirty-to-clean’ one and it’s tough, so it will last....
Pipe Cleaners-Multi Coloured (Pack of 100) Pipe Cleaners-Multi Coloured (Pack of 100)

While pipe cleaners may seem like a small insignificant part of a bong lovers tool kit, they are in fact crucial for maintaining their operative qualities and their value in the long run. Plus you can use them for cleaning pipes, wind instruments and any other item with an orifice you think might need a good scrub. Plus you get 100!...
Pipe Cleaners-Pack of 50 Pipe Cleaners-Pack of 50

I know what you’re thinking: these are just bits of wire with felt stuff on them right? Wrong, these are the tools you need to keep your prized bongs in tip-top condition and to keep them as valuable as the day you bought them. 50 fine pipe cleaners of the highest calibre for true bong lovers....

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Red Eye Cleaner
Red Eye Cleaner
this handy little item will clean your eyes instantly

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Eagle Bills Vaporizing Pipe
Enjoy the full effects of your herbs with no waste! - This vapourizer extracts up to 70% more from your herbs when compared to smoking through a standard pipe!
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