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Welcome to our Massive Bongs Shop. Bongs from all around the World, Some of the Bongs you will see here are exclusive purely to Rhino Gifts and can not be found anywhere else! New to our Bongs selection we have recently added a great range of Glass Bongs from 'Spot On' - check the Glass Bongs section for more details!!

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Vapouriser Bubble Vapouriser Bubble

While this may look like a cyborg’s eyeball, it is fact a neat novelty item designed to vapourise substances so that their essential vapours can be inhaled through the straw. It is fully functional and is crafted from the very best materials to ensure authenticity....
Vodka Bong Vodka Bong

Serve up a little bottle with more hardcore than you can shake a stick at. Some jammy friend of yours will pee their pants when they get their hands on this crazy little bong that’s fashioned from a miniature vodka bottle. You don’t get these in hotel mini bars!...
WAS £7.46 £3.49
Volcano vaporizer Volcano vaporizer
* * *
Another leading vaporizer unit...a must have! Most coffee shops in Amsterdam have these devices mounted in the corner, infact this is the only cannabis vaporizer we found in Amsterdam. The Volcano Sys...

Whiskey Bong Whiskey Bong

This bong is a nifty little bong that is fashioned to look like a miniature whiskey bottle. It has a side shoot mouthpiece with a guarded tip and a metal bowl. This is a small bong that stands at 9 cm (~3.5 in)....
Willy Glass Leaf Bong Willy Glass Leaf Bong

This is a very different bong compared to most others. This bong does not have a very large chamber for water-smoke interaction. However, this bong does have a very unique mouthpiece unlike other bongs....
Wise Wizard Bong Wise Wizard Bong

If you love bongs as much as you love, say…World of Warcraft? Lord of the Rings? Harry Potter? Discworld? The Wizard of Oz? or maybe German metal bands? You have to check out this bong. It’s purple, like most wizard outfits and is extremely well made....
Wizard Bong Wizard Bong

Ceramic wizard bong (29cm)...
Wood Carved Chillum Wood Carved Chillum

If you’re well into your Chillums, you can’t go wrong with this carefully carved authentic wooden pipe. It is a classic design that any collector would be proud to own. If you’re new to chillums however, this is a great place to start. It’s pretty, its fun to try new things and it automatically makes you 10 times cooler than any of your friends....
Wooden Based Glass Bong Wooden Based Glass Bong

On paper this might sound like a typical large glass bong but when you look closer you will notice it has a lovely carved wooden base (not your usual simple shaped plastic one) and an awesome reverse conical chamber; not something you see very often. It makes for a great hand-hold and looks amazing. You’re going to love it....

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