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Welcome to our Massive Bongs Shop. Bongs from all around the World, Some of the Bongs you will see here are exclusive purely to Rhino Gifts and can not be found anywhere else! New to our Bongs selection we have recently added a great range of Glass Bongs from 'Spot On' - check the Glass Bongs section for more details!!

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Leaf Embossed with fixed Tube Acrylic Bong Leaf Embossed with fixed Tube Acrylic Bong
* * * * K
This is a tall clear bong with a plant leaf that is lit up. Of those who bought this piece, there have been nothing but great comments. This is made from thick high quality materials to ensure durability and satisfaction....
WAS £26.44 £17.99
Aqua Pipe Aqua Pipe
* * K
The Aqua Pipe has been a best seller for years. It is possibly one of the smallest pocket bongs around. This bong is not for everyone but does function well....
Bamboo Bong Bamboo Bong

Tall Bambo bong. This bong tokes smooth & sweet. At 30cm high this neat bamboo bong packs a punch that you wont forget! Bamboo Bong Designs may vary!...
Bamboo Tiger Bong Bamboo Tiger Bong

Every Bamboo Tiger Bong is made from a different piece of real bamboo, so each one is totally unique. If you want to get someone a bong unlike any other, then this one is for you. (May or may not contain real tiger (Probably not).)...
Curly Bong Curly Bong

This bong looks like it’s from a fantasy world: it twists in the middle, has a metal top and bottom and comes in a range of awesome colour mixes. It would look equally at home in a wizard’s laboratory and your living room!...
Egg Shaped Bowl With Ice Kink Egg Shaped Bowl With Ice Kink
* * * * *
Here we have a tall Rolling King bong with a twist. This bong has an egg shaped bubble chamber and an ice kink that allows you to fill the mouthpiece with ice cubes....
Mushroom Disguise bong Mushroom Disguise bong
* * * *
This delightful mushroom ornament is crafted in the late 60’s style pre-Magic Roundabout era with an atmosphere akin to ancient English woodland that was popular…oh wait a minute…IT’S A BONG! COOL!...
Oval Bowl Acrylic Bong With Ice Twist 30 cm Oval Bowl Acrylic Bong With Ice Twist 30 cm
* * * * *
These bongs have the capability of holding ice in their mouthpieces to provide extra cooling on top of the bubble chamber. These bongs come in several different colors and stand 30 cm (~12 in) tall and come equipped with a stand and a leaf decal. These...

Angelo Pipe Cleaners Angelo Pipe Cleaners

These classic pipe cleaners are perfect for cleaning all manner of different pipes; they cost £0.0344 each (packs of 100) and come in an array of pretty colours. If you absolutely positively have to clean every pipe in the room…accept no substitute…...

This is a new bong from the guys at Red Eye. This bong is funky and cool. Little additions like the metal topped mouthpiece, a heavy metal base, a diamond style gem set into the mouthpiece, and a diffuser to make the smoke cooler all add to make this the...
Bottle to bong Kit Bottle to bong Kit

This is the anti-bong! If you don’t fancy some of the crazy looking ones on offer, this is the perfect antidote. It’s simple, minimalist, DIY and you can change the bottle whenever you like. What’s your favourite flavour?...
Clay Chillum-14cm/6 Clay Chillum-14cm/6
* * *
Bhom Shanker! That’s what the Holy men of India shout as a sacred cry of offering to Lord Shiva when they smoke weed with one of these. This novelty gift is a stunning artefact that is a must have for all smoking enthusiasts....
Death Rose Bong Death Rose Bong
* * * * *
Angel of Death, Pesta, Ankou, Devil of Death, The Grim Reaper or just plain old Death; whatever you want to call him he’s the same sentient personification of death. He may indeed be on the prowl around every corner but this ceramic bong suggests he’s got...
Dinosaur Bong Dinosaur Bong
* * * * *
This is no ordinary dinosaur. He’s a bong in disguise. And to celebrate he’s dressed up like a Thai prostitute. There’s no link, but the exit pipe is at the end of his tail, so it looks a bit like a Thai Dinosaur Prostitute Trumpet. But it’s not…it’s a bo...
Double Acrylic Bong Double Acrylic Bong

Whether you’re in love, have a best buddy or a sibling you do everything with, this bong with two pipes is the perfect choice. It’s extremely well made and allows you the chance to share something you love…...
Dr Green Bong & Pipe Cleaner Dr Green Bong & Pipe Cleaner

Cleanliness is next to godliness. So they say. Which means when you get this and use it to spruce up your bongs, you will be as close as you will probably ever get to being Thor....
Eagle Bill`s Vaporizing Pipe. Eagle Bill`s Vaporizing Pipe.
* * * * K
This fantastic pipe is designed to vaporise materials in order to avoid potentially hazardous carcinogenic smoke that is produced by some pipes. Eagle Bill, incidentally, is known as ‘The Father of Vapor’…so this must be good....

This bong is funky and cool. Little additions like the metal topped mouthpiece, a heavy metal base, a diamond style gem set into the mouthpiece, and a diffuser to make the smoke cooler all add to make this one of the most street-cred worthy bong around....
Grim Reaper Bong Grim Reaper Bong

Maybe you like your world black, maybe you’re a nihilist, maybe you can’t stand fluffy bunnies and sunshine…or maybe you just want a cool bong with some Grim Reaper styling. Either way this 16cm tall guy will float your boat…across the River Styx…...
Hand-Grip Acrylic Bong Hand-Grip Acrylic Bong
* * * * K
This is a real classic. It’s the perfect size, the perfect weight, has a perfect hand-grip and is loved by bong fans around the world. So if you haven’t got one or you’ve never even tried one, then you owe it to yourself to get one....

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Enjoy the full effects of your herbs with no waste! - This vapourizer extracts up to 70% more from your herbs when compared to smoking through a standard pipe!
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