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Novelty Bongs

Check our great range of Novelty Bongs, We have pretty much every Novelty bong you can imagine, from ceramic cobra snakes to the grim reaper! We even have a bo*b bongs in stock!!

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Mushroom Disguise bong Mushroom Disguise bong
* * * *
This delightful mushroom ornament is crafted in the late 60’s style pre-Magic Roundabout era with an atmosphere akin to ancient English woodland that was popular…oh wait a minute…IT’S A BONG! COOL!...
Death Rose Bong Death Rose Bong
* * * * *
Angel of Death, Pesta, Ankou, Devil of Death, The Grim Reaper or just plain old Death; whatever you want to call him he’s the same sentient personification of death. He may indeed be on the prowl around every corner but this ceramic bong suggests he’s got...
Dinosaur Bong Dinosaur Bong
* * * * *
This is no ordinary dinosaur. He’s a bong in disguise. And to celebrate he’s dressed up like a Thai prostitute. There’s no link, but the exit pipe is at the end of his tail, so it looks a bit like a Thai Dinosaur Prostitute Trumpet. But it’s not…it’s a bo...
Grim Reaper Bong Grim Reaper Bong

Maybe you like your world black, maybe you’re a nihilist, maybe you can’t stand fluffy bunnies and sunshine…or maybe you just want a cool bong with some Grim Reaper styling. Either way this 16cm tall guy will float your boat…across the River Styx…...
Leaf Ceramic Bong Leaf Ceramic Bong
* * * * *
Cannabis culture is truly fascinating so it’s no wonder your eye has been caught by this gorgeous ceramic marijuana leaf bong. It’s green and groovy and would make a perfect addition to any bong collection. Just don’t get any ideas…...
Penis Bong Penis Bong

OMG this bong is too funny. It’s a knob and two balls and it’s a bong! You won’t find a funnier bong, plus you can get it in pink or brown! Aaahh too many jokes!...

Turtle Bong Turtle Bong

Even if you don’t have brothers called Leonardo, Donatello, Rafael or Michelangelo, or have a father figure who is actually a big rat or an arch nemesis called Photocopier or something, you’ll still love this brilliant Turtle Bong with double pipe!...
Yoda Bong Yoda Bong
* * * * *
A ceramic type bong this is! Good it is, to smoke with me I say. Strong in the force, it will make you! Vary, the color and appearance may! Enjoy this bong you will, I guarantee. Very popular this bong is. Buy when available, you should!...
2 Toke Predator Bong 2 Toke Predator Bong

This intriguing bong is as ugly as it is awesome. It’s like a crazy skull with mad colours on top of it and two pipes coming out of its head like an alien. It’s 7 inches (18cm) of insanity that you are going to love…or be terrified of…you’ll find out....
WAS £17.24 £11.99
Alien Animal Bong Alien Animal Bong

If you like the weird and love the even weirder, this alien animal bong will be right up your street…and maybe even right up to your house and in through your window! It’s ceramic, about 18cm tall and has two pipes…and definitely won’t probe you....
Alien ceramic bong Alien ceramic bong

You can choose from great colours like green, purple, yellow and blue. At least one of them must be the colour of a real alien! It’s 30cms of pure alien joy. If you can’t wait for them to get here, celebrate that inevitability (not in our lifetime) by gra...

Alien Head Bong Alien Head Bong

Have you ever given head before? An alien head that is…! This groovy looking alien head is one of the best gifts you could give. It comes in large and small and is a typically alien aquamarine colour with big black eyes. He looks quite serious too…could p...

Angry Demon Bong Angry Demon Bong

Is he a Goat Demon? Maybe he’s a Llama Demon or perhaps a Sheep Demigod? You can decide for yourself…one thing is for sure though: he is mightily pissed off about something, maybe it’s the positioning of the stem? Maybe he just got kicked in the balls? Ma...
WAS £14.94 £8.50
Boob Bong Boob Bong
* * * * *
Bouncing Buddhas, Scooby Snacks, Hooters, Shooters, Humpback Whales, Whoppers, Pillows, Frost Detectors, Tits, Knockers, Honkers, Bambi’s Thumpers, Porky Pigs, Wangers, Flying Saucers, Congo Bongos, Cannons, Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers, Norks, Jugs, Traffic...
Ceramic Fountain Bong Ceramic Fountain Bong

As bongs go, this is a particularly brilliantly well-crafted one. It’s ceramic, which means that it is light as well as having a smooth finish that feels great in your hand. It’s perfectly designed to provide an easy to use and easy to clean bong system....
WAS £11.49 £4.99
Ceramic Waterfall bong Ceramic Waterfall bong

Available in a variety of different designs, this ceramic waterfall bong, features a handy grip for all you butterfingers...
Cheech & Chong Bong Cheech & Chong Bong

The tokers of cool are here...smoke with our buddies Cheech Marin and Thomas Chong...
Cobra Bong Cobra Bong

Ceramic cobra bong (20cm)...
Cobra Grip Ceramic Bong Cobra Grip Ceramic Bong

This Ceramic bongs feature a cobra snake design and a chunky hand grip ! If you love snakes and love bongs, you'll adore this Cobra ceramic bong to bits...
WAS £22.99 £9.99
Death Head Death Head

Ceramic death's head bong..who said smoking kills !! (17cm)...

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