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Hoover Snuffer

Hoover Snuffer
FROM £6.89

Its a Hoover, its a Snuffer and its Gold (or Silver)! OMG!
You cant clean your front room with it, but it certainly is a hoover. This miniature classic hoover sparkles enough to make a king blink and a gangsta chuckle and will always be a talking point when you show it off at parties. You wont find another snuffer like it
You will never fail to make people laugh when you whip this bad boy out. It is one of the most popular items available on Rhino Gifts and never fails to amuse us even after all this time. It can be sent out quick as a flash and if you find it cheaper elsewhere online we will match or beat the rival price. Cant say fairer that that right?
Get Your Own Hoover Snuffer Now!

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